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About Baby & Ayurveda

At the time of birth the infant leaves the dependent existence where mother had supplied all physiological needs and nutrition to that baby in the womb. But after birth that infant comes into the new environment and needs proper care to reach at the physical and development state of maturity. A child with proper mental and physically health is a blessing to whole family and to the society as well.

In “Kumarbhartiya” Ayurveda has emphasized into various procedures related to child care. According to the Ayurveda, in the very first year baby undergoes with rapid changes in her physical activities such as crawling, teething, babbling, and grasping.

During first month, crying and smiling is the only language through which baby communicates and we respond amicably to keep our baby secure. After three months, she starts babbling and in fourth month she start holding her head by own. At fifth month she starts expressing herself much better.

As a diet for babies, Ayurveda praised the mother milk for infants which are now a well known fact and most of pediatrician put a newborn to mother’s breast after birth without offering any pre lacteal feeds.

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