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Importance of Herbs in Baby Growth/Health

In contrary, Ayurveda has emphasized on the use of dietary guidelines and herbs which are beneficial in strengthening the immune system of the baby to fight against such pathogenic organisms. According to Ayurveda, during elevated kapha toxins start accumulating in the body which may affect body with various conditions such as weak immunity, less appetite, nasal & chest congestion, mild to moderate fever. In such conditions, Ayurveda advices intake of warm liquids to support agni (digestive fire) which facilitates elimination of ama (toxin) from the body. In addition there are other alternatives to pacify various disorders such as;

Combining Yashti madhu (Licorice root) with honey in warm ginger tea helps in liquefy and expectorate the phlegm.

The application of sesame oil or ghee with a pinch of rock or black salt over the chest of baby followed by eucalyptus inhalation effectively helps in relieving from chest congestion. Furthermore, baby massage with sesame oil/till tail has proven benefits in strengthening bones & muscles. Ayurvedic massage oil with Nagarmotha, Rasna, sankhpushpi, urad, ratanjot & till tail should be considered for baby massage.

Tulsi tea or decantation is highly helpful in soothing cough, sinuses and lowering fever.

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Colic and Constipation

The colic and constipation are one of the frequent conditions observed in infants. Mostly it is observed during teething stage and diet change. The foremost form of nutrition which provides vitality to our baby is food and can be considered as primary source of medicines. According to the Ayurveda foodstuff such as common fruits, vegetables and culinary spices are recommended to feed the baby and helps in developing overall health of the baby. Apart from regular diet, food which shows laxative effect are also recommended such as honey, soaked bran, raisin, dates, sesame seeds, papaya, grapes, mango and sufficient water along with fibrous food. In case of intestinal colic conditions, mix equal parts of Funnel, coriander powder and cumin equal to one teaspoon then add in 1 cup of water and steep for 10-15 minutes and strain well. Serve tea to your baby by using dropper. It magnificently helps to relieve from colic. Gripe water is the regular trend for such stomach pain but it is observed that most of gripe water contains sodium bicarbonate/baking soda which is very harmful for infant. Many baby health websites & US national library of medicine science has also mentioned that “Gripe water should not be given to kids upto age 12 without prescription”. It is advisable to provide ayurvedic gripe water without sodium bicarbonate/baking soda.

Skin Problem in Babies

Taking care of baby skin is one the most important regime to keep her skin healthy throughout her life time. At her infancy or earlier stages, one has to be cautious as baby’s skin is soft, delicate and sensitive. One of the major problems associated with skin disorder is diaper rash which may be transformed into eczema and psoriasis if not treated. We often use cortisone based cream which may suppress the symptoms but does not yield permanent results. Whereas in Ayurveda rashes have been described as disorder associated with elevated pitta and ‘ama’ in liver, blood and plasma. If vatta is involved then symptoms such as cracking, dryness and scaling are seen. On the other hand, in Kapha dosha swellings are observed. In such conditions, the intake of excessive salt, sour and pungent taste are forbidden as well as acidic fruits, fermented, deep fried and hot spicy foods. It is advisable to opt ayurvedic baby lotion preferably contains aloevera & olive oil.
Rasayana such as aloe vera or kumari juice are recommended in lightest dose to tonify the tissues and organs, it also aids in digestion. Bitter herbs such as Neem, Haridra, Manjista and Guduchi have capabilities to pacify the liver and spleen. Such organ pacifying herbs are very beneficial in removing toxic substances from the blood and rejuvenate the underlying tissues to sooth the skin from inside.

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